Avi Parshan

Jerusalem, Israel · [email protected]

I am a software developer with a primary focus on building functional and beautiful Android applications. Besides coding, I also edit videos and am a graphic designer. In my free time, I like to invest in the stock market & design and print 3 dimensional objects using the 3D printer I built.


Android Developer

AmCan Tech

Independent Android Developer at AmCan Tech, my personal "brand" & company. I also create tech videos on YouTube, graphics, 3D CAD , and work on several other projects as a freelancer.

March 2015 - Present

Android Developer Intern

Lone Soldier Center

Built DraftIDF: an Android and an iOS App, using Java and Swift respectively, for new immigrants and potential soldiers to learn about units, corps, and ranks in the Israel Defense Force.

Summer 2017

Software Engineering Intern


Developed a Client Android App (Java), Communicating with RESTFull API, C++, Python, and Machine Learning. Worked with existing models using the Caffe Framework. In addition, prototyped different technologies and models with the Intel RealSense Technology

January 2017 - May 2017


Yeshivat Torah Ve'Avodah

Gap Year Yeshiva Program
I spent a year at Yeshiva in Jerusalem, Israel learning Torah and Halachot. The year was full of surprises and adventures. We stayed on a Kibbutz for two weeks, Took part in a Leadership Program, Went hiking throughout the country, Flew to Poland for a week-long trip centered around Jewish Life before the Holocaust, and so much more. I finished off the year on a strong note, and volunteered at Siebenberg House, an underground museum in the Old City Of Jerusalem.
August 2015 - June 2016

Akiva Hebrew Day School

High School Diploma

Graduated High School as a member of the National Honor Society. The Course-Load was both in Secular Subjects as well as Judaic ones like: The Bible, Prophets, Hebrew Language, and Gemara. I took AP Computer Science A and AP US Government Courses as well. GPA: 3.63

August 2012 - April 2015


Programming Languages, Tools & Software
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • QA, Unit Tests, & Lots of Debugging
  • Performance-Driven Development
  • Following Code Guidelines and Conventions


Besides working on awesome projects of many shapes and sizes, I enjoy hiking, traveling to new places, and just hanging around. I also enjoy phone photography and vide editing (and posting through my YouTube Channel).

When I'm at home: I like modeling and 3D Printing, Playing Call of Duty and NBA2K, and working with new technologies.



Offline Unit Converter for Android
I started development on this project as a side-project demo. It quickly gained over 25,000 downloads, and has become my most popular and successful android app, yet. unitMeasure works without internet, uses no permissions, and has privacy as the main focus.
December 2017 - Now

Vision Code Scanner

QR & Barcode Scanner App for Android

Vision started off as a simple idea, based on Google Play Service's Vision API. This app doesn't use internet and only has the camera permission for scanning purposes. Once you are in the app, you can click scan and automatically once a code is found, it opens it in your default browser or displays a prompt on screen with the results. It does and works exactly how it should be expected from any user, while most apps in the play store don't meet that standard unfortunately.

July 2017 - Now


Ultimate Flashlight App for Android

Torch was a program that I built to be an awesome flashlight and strobe light for android. It comes with a quick tile and a widget in addition to the main app. No ads or internet are ever requested or used. Only the camera permission is required for the strobe light to function properly.

December 2016 - Now

Additional Details:

Languages Spoken:

English (Native Speaker), Hebrew (Fluent)


Siebenberg House, The Friendship Circle (West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA), Summer in the City (Detroit, Michigan, USA)