Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Read a compiled list of popular questions about unitMeasure.

From a design perspective, I'd rather see 50 Inches rather than 50 Inch on my screen. In my opinion, it looks nicer and is more correct than the alternative. But, In the case that a unit appears to be singular, it's usually do to an issue with brevity. The goal is to show as much information that is relevant without cutting off text.

unitMeasure is supported by any device running Android 5.0 Lollipop (API Level 21) and up. The app was tested on many smartphones and tablets alike, meeting this specific device specification.

unitMeasure prides itself in being an offline solution. There are no permissions requested or used whatsoever. In order to update currency information, an internet connection is required. Therefore, unitMeasure cannot have a currency converter by definition.

I love dark themes, therefore the app defaults to a standard dark mode. There is also a light theme and AMOLED Night Theme (to save even more battery power). The app theme is set independently from the Android Dark Theme in newer versions of the operating system. In order to set a different theme, hit the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen -> settings -> Themes -> Now select a different theme.

English is the only officially supported language of the app, as of now. The app is created and maintained by a single person who primarily speaks english. Therefore, the app is in english. If you are interested in helping to translate the app in another language, please contact me through my e-mail (available within the app settings -> Send Feedback).

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